Zero Zero


Zero Zero's story begins in 2007, with the birth of southern hardcore band River City Outlaws. Tearing up stages across Missouri with a crushing wall of sound, River City Outlaws quickly grew to be a staple of the local scene before an untimely break up in 2010.

Rising from the ashes came The Wildlife. Principle songwriters Jake Neal and Derek Crites honed their collaborative skills, producing electronic rock music with infectious pop melodies and tight vocal harmonies. The Wildlife lived up to their name and eventually burned out before they were able to fade away.

Years later, Wildlife drummer Kaleb Treacy would pitch the idea of "getting the band back together" for old times sake to Crites and Neal. A quick phone call to River City Outlaws alumni Rhett Warden and the project was underway. The last piece fell into place with the addition of a second guitar player, Grant Seiner.