Joseph Gaudette | Moore Ave Underground

Joseph Gaudette | Moore Ave Underground-GHOST FIRE USA

By June of 2008 we had lived on Moore, Ave. for 2yrs. As Joshua graduated grade 8 that June, he found himself the proud owner of a Kawai keyboard, a beat up “Big Red” Washburn acoustic & an Ibanez G10 P.O.S. Having a basement filled with Foosball, a Stand-up Hockey Table & a bar no one ever used, made for tight quarters & cramped practices.

With Christmas on the horizon, mom & dad made the hard choices. We bid a fond farewell to Foosball & Stand-up Hockey, donated the bar to a family that would use it & in came a Drum Kit, and a Bass Guitar. A custom, 1 of paint job on that Ibanez, & two new Acoustics later & the practices “Under Ground” in the basement on Moore, Ave. became something far more special.

By October of 2010, Joshua’s 1’st Coffee House solo; The Moore, Ave. Underground had been born. Friends, family and contributors had been coming & going and creating for two, plus years. We had witnessed the growth of guitarists into bassists; who then became drummers. We’ve been blessed to see those who never believed musical ability possible grow into accomplished performers

Today this is the goal, to provide a platform for talent. We hope to encourage & inspire, to see artists of any kind & all ages realize their goals. For us, here; the motivation is to offer a window to the world. A window that shows the talents and gifts we are blessed to see and be a part of every day.