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Barak Levi | Illunis-GHOST FIRE USA

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" Take the longer way home because the song is on replay. "

One dark evening, the stars aligned, a chord strummed and reverberated against a dark mahogany wooden guitar beside a roaring campfire, a powerful vocal melody was sung, and Illunis (pronounced ill-lou-niss) was forged. 


By accident and spontaneity Sean Clark and Ali Faghihi combined forces to start Illunis in late 2015. Songs Sean had held secretly for years had gained a new life force with Ali’s unique vocal style. Throughout 2016 the acoustic duo hit the recording studio, played shows and developed the signature Illunis sound. 


In 2017, Illunis elicited Barak Levi for his diverse and creative lead guitar playing. The trio continued on honing their skills and worked as a songwriting trio to develop warm acoustic finger-picked riffs, topped with tasteful and rhythmic lead guitar melodies, and a broad ranged authoritative vocal punch. 


By early 2019, Illunis was ready for a richer and more dynamic sound. They recruited David Frankel as an eclectic multi-talented drummer and they were off to the races. 


Having his heart in many places, Sean left the band in late 2019 to pursue his passion for biology amongst other things, but not before leaving his soul into Illunis’s first upcoming studio album. Currently, Illunis is working in the studio to complete their debut album and songs which will be released throughout 2020. Illunis continually strives to push musical elements, create a dynamic listening experience, and positively impact the worlds of their listeners.